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Our company was founded by a couple of seasoned professionals, each with over 35 years of experience in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. Our goal was to get back to the business of doing good work.  Over the years we have built strong relationships with our clients by providing a high quality product that meets their expectations and schedule. This is achieved by developing strong communications and the ability to coordinate with everyone involved and more importantly, following through. We’ve developed trusting relationships with many consulting professionals in all disciplines within the industry and we specialize in coordinating their efforts to provide a seamless product to our Clients. Some of the products we can provide are photogrammetry, utility investigation, GIS mapping and Civil Consulting. Keeping up with technology is imperative in this industry. We provide our staff with the tools and training they need to stay ahead of the curve in both software, and field equipment.   Having the right tools makes the process smoother and more enjoyable and helps us do good work.

JPM & Associates Services

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ALTA Surveys

ALTA Surveys are usually performed during commercial real estate transactions such as refinancing or sale of the property. It is made for the Title Company and/or Lender with the survey and location data needed for the issuing of title or mortgage insurance. For this purpose a map is drawn to “ALTA” specifications. “ALTA” stands for American Land Title Association. These surveys are required to be of the highest accuracy and thoroughness. Each survey comes with its own requirements and set of unique conditions and options. Cost for these surveys can vary greatly depending on the options chosen by the client.

Expert Witness Surveys

These types of surveys involve a variety of survey techniques such as developing complete topographic surveys for structural and drainage analysis, monitoring specific buildings for vertical movement and identifying defects. They are often ordered as a result of litigation. These services require a higher degree of accuracy and precision. Our staff has many years of experience in providing this type of service. We have worked with several law firms and structural and civil firms that specialize in this field of services. Major Projects: Du Pont Louviers Remediation project: This project involves monitoring soil contamination and proper disposal of materials on a 5 square mile site. We took over the project in 1999 to coordinate all previous surveys into one coordinate system for compliance and reporting to County, State and Federal agencies and to develop site control for engineering design. Services provided were on an as needed basis and required a scope and fee prior to approval and were all completed on schedule and within budget. Level 3 Communications Campus: This project involved developing a complete topographic survey for structural and drainage analysis and monitoring specific buildings for vertical movement. We developed a complete three dimensional model of the site for civil analysis of site drainage. In coordination with the civil, structural and soils engineers we developed and stable on site control system to monitor building movement and monitored the site at regular intervals for vertical movement of structures. We developed all AutoCAD drawings and spreadsheets for analysis of building movement. Southlands Development Aurora Colorado: This project involved setting up a control network to monitor movement caused by settling soils. Several cracks were observed in buildings throughout the site. We established a stable control network and monitored piers and control joints on 11 buildings. After establishing a base line on all buildings we continued to monitor them using high accuracy levels at regular intervals to detect any movement down to 1/16th of an inch. Contact us for a complete resume

Aerial Photogrammetry Control

Often the size or conditions of a project make Aerial Photography the most economical and efficient way to provide mapping for the client. Our staff has a long history working with Landmark Mapping providing accurate reliable control for Aerial photography. We also have resources to provide historic aerial photography and current digital mapping that can be used for background or planning projects. Our partners at Landmark Mapping have been providing this service to the industry for over 35 years.

Oil & Gas Staking - Plat Surveys

Our years of experience in construction related surveying in the energy field has taught us what is important. The most important aspect of surveying for any construction projects success is accuracy and responsiveness. Our flexibility in scheduling and ability to anticipate means when the client calls we are ready to respond.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are the basis for all civil, structural and architectural design. All successful projects must begin with good information. Our experience working with all engineering disciplines has taught us how to ask the right questions, communicate with all parties involved and provide exactly what is required. Our staff uses the latest equipment and technology to provide accurate reliable survey data in any format the client needs.

Pipeline Location Surveys

We specialize in utility route surveys for all types of transmission and distribution projects. Our staff uses the latest equipment and technology to provide accurate reliable survey data in any format the client needs. Our team has a long history working with our consultants and our communication and coordination with all parties involved is second to none.

Legal Descriptions

Legal or Property descriptions are prepared to convey land or easements crossing lands. Because of our involvement in utility investigation we have a vast amount of experience in defining ownership boundaries and resolving related issues.

Boundary Surveys

There are several types of property surveys depending on the needs of the client. Subdivisions are for dividing land and creating new lots. These include Minor and major subdivisions, re-subdivisions and Lot line adjustments. Each survey comes with its own requirements and set of unique conditions and options. Cost for these surveys can vary greatly depending on the type of survey needed and the size of the project. LSP or Land Survey Plats are Boundary Surveys usually performed when corners marking the limits of the property are lost or obliterated and must be re-established on the ground. These surveys require meeting all state statutes and must be filed in and meet the requirements of the County where they were performed. Our experience working with the various agencies and knowledge of the procedures assures the client a quality product that meets all local and state requirements the first time.